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Sarah B. Boyle

Sarah B. Boyle is a poet.

2017 - 2019

Three Dispatches re: in Menacing Hedge Spring 2019, more poems from that bigger, longer project that is in progress. You can even hear a recording of me read “Dispatch re: Big Dick” aloud. Please ignore how I swallow a word in the first line because I just couldn’t bear to redo the recording yet another time. You can also read a poem I wrote when I was 17 in Scary Bush.

Four Dispatches re: in glitterMOB Issue 12, prose poems from a much bigger, longer project that is starting to come together.

Podcast: Jeff and I talked about the Pittsburgh Poetry Houses, writing poetry, and living an artistic life while parenting (lol) with Maura Conley and Haele Wolfe for their podcast Handful of Wheel. Check out our episode here and you can probably hear what a terrible cold I had while we drove around Brooklyn. If you’re feeling inspired, listen to the accompanying Spotify playlist for a work-time soundtrack. (Can you tell where Jeff’s A side ends and my B side begins?)

2014 - 2016

My chapbook, What's pink & shiny/what's dark and hard, came out in June, 2015, from Porkbelly Press. Read about it on the press's website and order it at Porkbelly's Etsy shop. Read some reviews of the chapbook: "Holding Contradictions" by Meryl DePasquale at The Hairsplitter and Linda Ashok's review at Stirring: A Literary Collection. 


Six pages of what had my attention on April 25, 2015 in ATTN: Issue 2.  A description of the project from the publisher, Further Other Book Works: "ATTN: is an event-based journal. Twice a year, we ask poets to document whatever it is that has their attention on a particular day (poems, notes, sketches, collage, reviews, screen grabs, etc). Work is done on 8.5 x 11″ sheets, then mailed to the FOBW press address. Covers are letter pressed, and all contributions are xeroxed and included as is. Each issue documents communities of attention in their moment of attention."

Darling of the Wolf God, a very long poem cycle written partially in pidgin Old English. This poem is nestled in the center of an entire study over at Aspasiology, with amazing poets whom I love and adore providing responses to it: Margaret Bashaar, Jeff Boyle, Sonya Vatomsky, Rachelle Linda Escamilla, Koh Xin Tian, Tiffany Denman, Lionel Amongus, Max Goodwin, and Kelly Boyker! 

The Beast of the Plains, a cowgirl song/scifi western in Serenity and Severity, Volume 5 of of the Manifest West series from Western Press Books. In print only!

Chapter 10: Dream, a sonnet in Measure Volume X Issue 2. You gotta find it in print! 

Before You Look at the Plan, Ask Yourself, a found poem based on Bentham's Panopticon, in Really System Issue 9

Hymn and Palinolde, a poem composed of words and phrases from Elaine Scarry's On Beauty and Being Just, in Eratio Issue 22


Another Letter to G, a poem, in Pine Hills Review

Charting the Body: Sonya Vatomsky and Sarah B. Boyle in Conversation. Sonya and I spent a week conversing about poetry, bodies, and what it's like to be a feminist for Menacing Hedge Issue 5.02

One long poem: Appendix: Online How-To D&C, in Quaint Issue 5. If you like this poem, find it and others like it in my chapbook What's pink & shiny/what's dark & hard.

It lives! An Analogy So Stupid You Will Think My Heart Isn't Breaking is over at Gorgon Poetics No. 3, newly redacted and with an introduction explaining those redactions. 

Another chapbook review over at Hyacinth Girl Press: What is Expected of Us, a reflection on Copy Paper: Ream 1 by (personal hero) Eunsong Kim. Limited copies available, so buy a copy of the pamphlet NOW if you want it.

My first chapbook review as the chapbook reviews editor at Hyacinth Girl Press: There is Balm For These Wounds, a rave for Nothing Personal, by Marina Blitshteyn. Go buy it. Really.

Two Poems: On D-Block and Sea and Salt in the Winter/Spring 2015 Issue of Lunch Ticket. And I'm the featured poet on the front page! Update: These two poems were nominated for the Best of the Net. Thanks, Lunch Ticket!

An essay about a school secretary throwing out my copy of Milk and Filth and my anxiety over the impossibility of being my feminist self and finding a good teaching job here in this conservative suburb: Both/And Being in an Either/Or World at Luna Luna Magazine.

A review of Fabulous Beast: The Sow by Sarah Kain Gutowski that is probably at least as much if not more a lyric essay about the bodily nature of being a mother. Which is to say, another essay about my body: Beastly Mother, Motherly Beast at The Hairsplitter.

[ETA: You know you're an activist when you're too hot for an anarchist lit site to handle. As such, this essay no longer exists on the internet.] An essay wherein I compare the literary community to a house on "Love It or List It." Spoiler: it's about rape and the patriarchy: An Analogy So Stupid You Will Think My Heart Isn't Breaking at Queen Mob's Teahouse.

Three poems: Letter to a Poet, Summer, and Almost Nightly in Ty(po-e:tic)us Issue 3. The first two are part of my chapbook What's pink & shiny/what's dark & hard, which is forthcoming from Porkbelly Press!

One last little slice of that roundtable I did for Delirious Hem found a home at Luna Luna Magazine. Sarah Certa, Jos Charles, Kat Dixon, Die Dragonetti, Kia Groom, and Alexandra Naughton answer my question: Who is winning the war against the patriarchy? We talk about the patriarchy (natch), the alt lit rapes, gamergate, capitalism, and the effects of speaking out on those who raise their voices.

An essay about educational publishing, the farce of diversity and multiculturalism therein, Sluefoot Sue's subjugation at the end of Pecos Bill's lasso, and my never ending quest for diverse children's books: A Textbook Case of Diversity: How Educational Publishing Skims the Surface, at VIDA.

Three poems: Morning after, Abstracts (Paintings of Egon Schiele, 1909-1911), and The window is square small and dirty in Sugar Mule Issue 48. Check out accompanying images here


An essay I wrote about my dead professor, how I grew up with the help of some poems, and how I was very depressed: The Long Way Round: for Allen Grossman, in Entropy

An essay in which I eviscerate the "sincerity" of the alt lit rapists: The Sincere Pose, in Delirious Hem

Speaking of rape, there were a bunch of them in lit communities this year--especially in the alt lit scene. So I edited an entire series of responses to those rapes, Alt Lit and Rape Culture, over at Delirious Hem. And I moderated a two part roundtable discussion about the death of alt lit and what writers and editors can learn from it going forward. 

Two poemsSeptember, That Year and Question for the Mothers in Cheat River Review Issue 3. Bonus good news: Cheat River Review nominated me for Best New Poets based on these poems. 

This totally ridiculous poem in the voice of Tyra Banks: Tyra Writes a Novel That is (Also Maybe) a Theme Park, in Silver Birch Press's Celebrity Free Verse series

A joint photography project with my dad, where we each took one picture a day for a year: The Father Daughter Dance.

One Poem: The Distance Between, in Storyscape Issue 12

(and older)

One long poem, with audio: The Pig of the Secret, in Menacing Hedge Winter 2013. While you're there, don't miss this super embarrassing oldie (scroll down), from Scary Bush.