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Sarah B. Boyle

Sarah B. Boyle is a poet.


Sarah B. Boyle is a poet, teacher, activist, wife and mother. She is the author of the chapbook What's pink & shiny/what's dark and hard (Porkbelly Press), and her work has appeared in Delirious Hem, Menacing Hedge, Entropy, Cheat River Review, and elsewhere. Once upon a time, she studied writing at Johns Hopkins University. And then she studied it again at Sarah Lawrence College. She's also got a master's degree in education.

Sarah writes about women's bodies, a lot, and this is pretty scary for a lot of people. She also writes about America's Next Top Model, guns and cowgirls, a surprising number of eggs and chickens, and, sometimes, what it is like to teach other people's children. She edits chapbook reviews for Hyacinth Girl Press and is a founding editor of the Pittsburgh Poetry Houses, a public art project.

She has a husband and two children.