impolite lines

Sarah B. Boyle

Sarah B. Boyle is a poet.

prednisone is good for writing

I get poison ivy pretty easily. This year was the first year I put any real effort into cleaning up our yard. Naturally, I got poison ivy, pretty bad, like, three times. One of those times I caved in and went to the doctor for a steroid prescription. I do not know how much it helped the poison ivy. It sure made me high as all hell, though. I could not fall asleep. My heart beat way too fast. (Some of that was Jeff's buying a lighter roast coffee than usual.) The bout of poison ivy subsequent to this one I fought off my own. Being high all the time is really shitty.

There was but one upside: I wrote like gangbusters. One of my college professors died, and I read one of his books that had been sitting on my shelf. For weeks, I wrote lines of an essay in my head, lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep.

Now, Entropy has been kind enough to publish it: The Long Way Around: for Allen Grossman.